Definer +

Like the Definer range, Definer+ satisfies the requirements of the DDA but in addition it also satisfies new build Building Regulations. Definer+ is infinitely versatile and extendable. By simply adding and interlocking a mat with the DDA8 or DDA10 the profile can be extended to ensure full steps and landings are covered and completely protected against possible slips.

Section DDA8 Section DDA9 Section DDA10
Section DDA8 & DDA10 Applicable Only

Available Colours

Abraded PVC: DDA2-DDA5, DDA9

Daffodil Ash Cobalt Teak
Flame Tangerine Arctic Leaf

Abrasive tape: DDA6

Daffodil Ash Glow in the dark Hazard marker

Definer riser strip

Saffron White

All profiles available in definer riser strip

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