Covid-19 Announcement

We are open for business to help support our customers and will be throughout the lockdown period.

The well-being of our colleagues, customers and other partners is of paramount concern and we are working within the government guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Please get in contact if we can be of any assistance, you can contact us on the office line: 01453 821800, mob: 07715 044132 or via email at, and most importantly stay safe.


Ethical Policy

Marlings Ltd Management team understands that the company should at all times conduct its activities in an ethical manner. The Marlings Ltd ethical policy has been carefully considered to provide standards and guidelines for the way the company wishes to conduct its business activities. Policy requirements will be clearly and actively communicated to all company employees. To ensure compliance, ethical policy requirements have been incorporated into the company’s Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety management systems.


Marlings Ltd values its employees and understands they are the most important resource in the company. The management team is committed to good employee communication, involvement and the development of responsibility both individually and collectively. The personal development and optimum use of employee potential is positively encouraged.

All company employees have equal opportunity for personal recognition and career development, regardless of personnel circumstances, background or religious belief. The company will not accept any form of discrimination or harassment.

The company recognises the importance of this policy recruiting, selecting, rewarding and promoting people who demonstrate commitment and initiative with a high degree of knowledge and experience of company products, operations and markets.

Customers' Expectation

It is essential that all employees have a respectful "can do" attitude providing a quality and efficient service to customers. Marlings Ltd personnel believe that integrity is an essential part of developing a successful and sustained business relationship with customers. Personal contact together with helpful and responsive action is a requirement of Marlings Ltd’s customer service that will ensure long term business relations with our customers.


Whenever possible Marlings Ltd will buy products and materials from UK or European based manufacturing companies. Marlings Ltd will endeavour to develop relationships with our suppliers based on mutual trust. At all times dealings will be conducted in an honest and professional manner. The company will undertake to pay suppliers on time and in accordance with mutually agreed terms.


Marlings Ltd is concerned with the conservation of the environment and recognises that certain resources are finite and must be used responsibly. Therefore the company is committed to:-

  • Reduce waste and minimise the consumption of resources (materials, fuel and energy) by adopting improved operating practices
  • Whenever possible, the recycling of materials
  • Ensure all waste and effluent is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner
  • Consider environmental criteria during manufacturing and purchasing processes
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • Minimise the environmental impacts of new developments and products
  • Work with others toward a consensus on environmental quality standards which are desirable and attainable.

Working Health & Safety Environment

Marlings Ltd’s Management team believes that products should be manufactured in a safe, hygienic working environment. The company will provide healthy and safe working conditions for all its Employees based on the following:

  • No employee shall be subjected to unhealthy or unsafe working conditions
  • Employees will be supplied with all necessary safety equipment (PPE)
  • Provision of adequate Health and Safety training
  • Implementation of safe working practices to prevent personal injury and damage to property
  • Ensure all employees are aware of the assessment of risk and that they recognise their responsibilities for ensuring their own health and safety and that of others.

Community at Large

Marlings Ltd will endeavour to comply with all legislation affecting its operations and will seek to serve and support the community in which it operates.

Provide products and services efficiently and profitably for sale in the community, while providing good employment opportunities and conditions for our employees. Marlings Ltd will take into account the concerns of both the local and the wider national community when developing new products, processes and services.

Social Responsibility

Marlings Ltd is committed to the prevention of any violation of established Human Rights with particular regard to the exploitation of children or forced / sweat shop labour. Marlings Ltd supports Fair Trade and non-exploitative employment practices throughout its supply chain.

Conflict of Interest

Marlings Ltd does not allow acts of bribery or contributions to political parties. The company requires employees to avoid conflicts of interest and the disclosure of any that may exist or potentially exist. Employees must ensure that their actions are not affected by conflicts of interests. The receiving of gifts or hospitality is prohibited.

Jill May
Managing Director

Treads Stanley Mills Stonehouse Gloucestershire GL10 3HQ  t: 01453 828444 f: 01453 822002 e: info@treadsnosings