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Building and DDA Regulations

Light Reflectance Values (LRVS)

The legal duty for access to a building and its facilities is the responsibility of the owners.

The guidance is provided in approved documents such as approved Document M, which is based on BS8300:2001. The related details of approved Document M are outlined below, together with the Treads recommendation.

"People with impaired sight risk tripping or losing their balance if there is no warning that steps provide a change in level. The risk is most hazardous at the head of a flight of steps when a person is descending."

The change in level can be clearly highlighted with a nosing that contrasts with the surrounding tread and riser materials. Our method of installation means changing top step insert colours is a formality. The colour variant should be at least 30 points (where black to white is 100 points) on all treads.

"All nosings are made apparent by means of a permanently contrasting material 55mm wide on both the tread and riser."

The 55mm measurements is only a guidance. Other considerations, such as step size and type, should be taken when choosing a nosing.

Treads Stair Nosings has Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) available for all its stair nosing inserts.

Insert Colour LRV
Black 6.0
Black Scoured 6.0
Brown 6.0
Oxford Blue 6.56
Brown Scoured 9.0
Navy Scoured 10.0
Red 10.39
Slate Scoured 10.75
Claret 11.0
Indigo Scoured 11.0
Slate 12.0
Burgundy Scoured 12.75
Dark Green 13.0
Dark Green Scoured 13.0
Airforce Blue 14.38
Blue / Grey Scoured 21.0
Buff 21.0
Grey Scoured 23.49
Grey 26.99
Orange 28.0
Light Grey 28.57
Olive 29.53
Mushroom 38.59
Luminous 41.0
Mist 42.09
Clay 50.0
Duck Egg 50.0
Sky 54.0
Ivory 53.27
Putty 54.0
Citrene 63.0
Yellow 84.0
White 86.0

We work in partnership with NCS Colour Centre to establish the LRVs of our stair nosing inserts. NCS Colour Centre is licensed to use the international colour system (ICS), enabling clear communication and accurate measurement of colour. Tests are carried out in accordance with BS8493:2008 Light Reflectance Value method of test.

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